4 Simple Tips to Achieve the all Important Ownership from Employees

  1. Make them a part of the larger picture. Share company goals with them openly. 6m/12m/3yrs and seek their inputs.MOST importantly incorporate at least one of their inputs into your plan .Then the Vision is shared. It becomes theirs too
  2. Create a ‘surprise reward’ system that makes them relive the positive experience when they think of your company. Surprise them giving a 2 day holiday or even occasional movie tickets with their spouse /friend .This experience of theirs will then generate a link with the company whenever they relive that good time creating specific positive brain grooves.
  3. Empathise by showing you ‘care’. Wishing happy birthday is passé bcos every single bank, a tea stall owner & fb do it by default. Give a holiday or a surprise gift on his/her child or spouse’s birthday. Send a Mother’s day card to his/her mother from your side. Show that his/her family is yours.
  4. Incorporate longevity based rewards. Use the multiplier effect on increment. For ex if your increment policy is 15% p.a.then have a Multiplier of say 20-30% on this for every yr spent. Ex.after year 2, his increment cd be 15+20%x15=18%Yr 3 cd be 15+30%x15=20% and so on.

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