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Vijay is an IIT Kanpur, IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus with over 35 years Global experience in Corporate Strategy and Brand Building out of which 20 years have been at the CEO level. Vijay has worked with over 75 Brands and 15 Agencies across 22 countries and has the Unique distinction of creating a Startup in an Internationally competitive market and beating all odds to make it a Global Winner in a very short period of time. His experience spans across verticals of FMCG, Consumer Durables/Electronics, OTC Pharma, Telecom, B2B, Building Finishes and Knowledge Management at both User-base and User-Influencer base level. His story is unique…

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My Story

From a very young age, I was blessed and gifted. From being a gold medalist in school, my first major landmark was an entry into the prestigious IIT Kanpur – an almost unheard-of occurrence in the small town I was from- Shortly after, I was fortunate to complement my technical background with a world-class business education at IIM Ahmedabad and am privileged to be a part of the exclusive IIT-IIMA club.

The momentum from my education fuelled an exponential career climb, first becoming the youngest all-India marketing head of a consumer goods MNC and then maintaining C-Suite positions for over 20 years.Some of the prestigious names that were a part of my journey are P&G, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Al Futtaim Dubai, the Tata Group and AFTGmbh among others.

Despite what the outside world defines as having it all, I was blindsided by an emotional slump struggling with long bouts of depression and negativity that, at the time, felt impossible to get out of.

Over the next 3 years, using a combination of specific techniques of Mindfulness, Reiki, CBT, Hypnotherapy and ACT, which I received from global experts, and immense hard work, I was able to pull out of the trough stronger than ever. Equipped with these powerful mind-based techniques I now possess a strong desire to pass on my personal knowledge, experience and learnings to others who find themselves in similar situations.


Mission and Expertise

Vijay’s infectious energy and enthusiasm coupled with his dedication and discipline have been some of the greatest contributing factors to his success.


To make a visible difference in people’s lives, in every way possible


A gifted and fine- tuned ability to truly understand the consumer psyche and behavioral patterns; a factor  crucial to both businesses and individuals· A charismatic public speaker, Vijay has been India’s representative for the Asia Pacific Conferences from MNC companies as well as the best presentation speaker in almost every company he has worked for

Work and Experience

As one of the best in his field, Vijay’s work experience is remarkably extensive.

  • Youngest All-India marketing head of a consumer multinational in India
  • Held top positions all across the globe; handling 7 different business verticals
  • Held CEO positions for over 20 years
  • Has worked on 75 different brands and with 15 advertising agencies
  • Has taken a brand from 1st Employee to a $100mn level
  • Coached, consulted with and advised startups, SME’s and individuals, with fantastic results.

IIMPACT – “making a difference”

I am proud to be a part of IIMPACT, the inspiring initiative established by Alumni of IIM-Ahmedabad, through which 60,000 girls in the poorest villages of India have benefited from free primary education. You can join and help us in our mission to free more girls from the shackles of illiteracy. visit www.iimpact.net .

Social Life and Purpose

Travelling is one of Vijay’s greatest passions, and with a total of 7 renewed passports, he has travelled to numerous countries around the world, experiencing their diverse cultures and creating a large network of friends and business associates.

He has a keen interest in music and singing, leading him to represent his institutes and organisations in these fields.

Additionally,he is an avid reader of business and non fiction books and articles.His interest in spirituality has kept him abreast with the latest techniques in positivity training, strengthening the mind and other ways to help people.

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