A good coffee costs Rs.25, while STARBUCKS is Rs.250. A great shoe may be Rs.1000 while NIKE is Rs.10,000. A hi-end watch would be Rs.5000 while ROLEX is Rs. 5 lakhs. This is the power of converting a PRODUCT into a LEGEND.

In these programs, we’ll create a LEGEND out of your PRODUCT. To fetch 5X Revenues while you holiday in Hawaii.


Powerful Hi voltage packed 90 minute LIVE sessions that take you through multiple techniques and Secrets to skyrocket yourself and your Business beyond imagination. Uniquely covering the powerful combination of Mind and Business principles, this will energise you to create something truly extraordinary.



Business Explosion Through Brand Creation.

Curriculum for the 2 days Workshop

Day 1 : 9am to 9pm (Includes Lunch/Dinner/Coffee breaks)

Day 2 : 9am to 9pm (Includes Lunch/Dinner/Coffee breaks)

What you will learn

In this Intensive 2 days workshop you will learn from an IITKanpur/IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus cum ex Global CEO

  • The 3 critical ingredients for Revenue growth in a profitable manner
  • The 3 defining pillars every organisation needs, to leap frog into a new level
  • The 6 proven methodologies of developing and creating a Brand from your products which will distinguish you from all and sundry thereby resulting in exponential growth.
  • Mapping your journey from you are TO where you want to be
  • What makes some brands ‘heros’ and some as ‘Also ran’ brands
  • The essential recipe, therefore, to make your company fly while you holiday in Hawaii
  • Implementation techniques through individual exercises

Who can attend this Workshop

Whether you are a small business owner or a Medium enterprise or even the biggest MNC and are dabbling with just incremental to negligible growth and would like to see ‘exponential’ numbers, this is for you.


Strategy Audit +Strategy Recommendation + Strategy Implementation
1 Hour Coaching sessions to 6 MONTHS(192 hours Coaching sessions)

In this intensive program, we would work closely alongside your Business to conduct a Strategy Audit, Recommend a Customised Strategy and Implement the strategy created, providing guidance and assistance throughout. This is an extremely customised program based on each Business and where it stands in its journey towards supremacy

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