Vijay is a power-packed energiser. Has spoken and captured hearts around the world representing top global organizations.

Vijay exudes power and energy that binds and engages you in a manner that leaves you completely inspired and gasping for more.

Vijay combines corporate insights with his unique understanding of the workings of the human mind bringing a wave of dynamism into every element of an individual’s performance.

Vijay is someone who has conquered huge anxiety disorders and depression to come out far stronger than ever before through his deep insights on Reiki, Hypnotherapy, AOL, CBT, ACT( Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and Mindfulness. He puts together all these in his Signature Program ‘Be a Diamond in the Sky’. This is a program that resonates with every heart string as he helps unleash the ultimate potential in each human being to transform him/her into a realm far beyond the ordinary.

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