The 2 most Forgotten Secrets of bringing your visualisation into reality

Constantly I come across people who do not seem to get the results of the powerful Visualisation process. Its because over the years 2 VITAL SECRETS have been side stepped leaving Visualisation relegated to a mechanical imagination. So obviously it doesn’t work.

So what is missing?
VISUALISATION has 2 critical recipes for its success.


Unless you FEEL the emotion of the visualising experience your manifestation is a distant reality. If its that fancy car, FEEL the emotion you would have if you were to actually get the car. Only then will this change the neural pathways in your brain to make it a reality.


Visualisation is not just seeing the image through your mental eye.You need to engage every single one of your 5 senses intensely. Not only do you see your dream BMW with your mental eye in the greatest detail, you also need to feel the steering and the seat(Touch). Listen to the sound of the horn(hearing). Feel the leather’s aroma filling your nostrils (Smell) and then even sip a coffee in the car(taste). Only then will all the gears of your brain be engaged and lo and behold your dream car will be in your garage.

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