The Momentous Flight..It was no ordinary Thanksgiving Day. Time would be witness to this day that would soon find a special place in history books. It was late afternoon, with a hint of a drizzle outside.  The young man, all of twenty-three, was in a sweat as he pondered for one final moment on the crazy yet life-changing journey he was embarking on. He could not believe he was actually pulling it off. 

Having dropped out of a lucrative investment banking job after graduating from Stanford, he now found himself suddenly outside the sleepy airport in Portland, Oregon.  As the boarding announcement for the flight to Tokyo came crackling through, he knew he couldn’t turn back. 

The year was 1962.  The embers of the fires of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had not yet been doused and Japan was not the hottest place for an American to be, let alone for a business proposition. But he knew deep inside he needed to do this. 

As he stepped inside the aircraft, the captain rattled off the instructions in Japanese, of which he understood nothing and the plane streamed across the sky towards Tokyo. He wondered whether his return ticket would be of any avail or if he would even make it back alive. But one thing was certain. He was determined to leave a mark. On the planet. One that people would look up to for

generations and remind themselves that the man who was the architect of the slogan ‘Just Do It’, truly lived up to it. Every minute.

That was Phil Knight. 

The Brand creation genius who brought the most amazing brand, NIKE to the world. He dared. To dream. He defied every odd. Challenged all conventional wisdom. Made people stare at him in disbelief at what he proposed to do. But he did.  Only to stand tall and RISE TO BECOME UNSTOPPABLE, as the world stood aside to let him enter those coveted gates of immortality and watch with admiration. 

A legend was born on that eventful day.

He had ascended the Golden Ladder.  To become Unstoppable.

This is the First Chapter of my book where I share the step-by-step formula of how you too can become UNSTOPPABLE. 

Remember all of us were born that way. UNSTOPPABLE! But we somehow digressed along the way. You can RECLAIM that Power. Now! Through the GOLDEN LADDER FORMULA. A UNIQUE FORMULA that integrates BUSINESS and MIND most magically.

Whether you want to create your dream STARTUP or SCALE UP your current BUSINESS to remarkable heights or want to attain Personal Mastery wherein you have the power to achieve and MANIFEST every single dream of yours, get a copy. Today! Your personal online Business Coaching manual. You will never stop thanking the Universe. 

You deserve to be someone who is Unstoppable in everything you choose to do and be the most amazing version of yourself. 

Don't choose to be ordinary. 

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