Five S-Mart Tips When You Buy From Places Like D-MART


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Background: People who run such stores are one of the richest in the world. They haven’t got there by giving away things far cheaper than others, whatever be the quantity. So there must be more to it. Here goes.

1. LOSS LEADER: To attract customers, there would be 1/2 items,  which would be genuinely offered at a loss making one take notice and rush to these stores. DO buy them. If you need them. Stock if need be.

2. STORE BRANDED ITEMS: Avoid these,since on both quality and price  one would never have a relevant comparison and this is where they have a large margin.

3. FULL MONTH MINDSET: If you walk in for a full month or 2/3 weeks buy , you are in for trouble. This is what delights them. You would end up buying

i) far more items than required

ii) far more qty per item than required and the killer..most would be at prices equal to or sometimes higher than your local store!!

4. DOUBLE CHECK: Spare the time, visit your local store a day or two prior and get a price feel for the most needed items.Only in few cases would you find them lower in the large stores.

5. CONTROL: Watch out for items where there would be tempting offers on products that you have probably not used in the last 3 months. Control yourself.


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