The man at the petrol bunk though in awe, said, 'I knew you will give me Rs. 100'....

He had just filled Nitrogen for my car tyres and not having change, I went across and fetched Rs. 100 to give the man a tip. As I left to get the change, he must have been feeling, here goes another guy who couldn't care to tip.

But then when I came back and gave him Rs. 100 he was in total shock. For someone who gets Rs 1 or 2 or Rs 10 for his service, this was like a major lottery.

He was so full of joy and gratitude that he came over and said those words and kept looking at me as if I had done something out of the world. And I had done nothing. We know that. An amount we all waste so easily was a delight to him.  An amount where we casually gpay for something completely unnecessary was almost a windfall for him.

2 things happened at that time for me.

1. The power of BELIEF!

 Whatever we believe intensely we achieve. That is the power of the mind. That is the law. He had intensely believed that I would give him Rs 100 and that was outlandish. But still, it manifested.

But we need to know the process of generating mountainous beliefs.  Beliefs that seem almost impossible, but when we do generate them, we achieve them. And that's where the guidance of a skilled mind coach becomes invaluable.

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We were all born to Be Unstoppable. Somewhere along the way, we digressed as we grew.

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2. The other thing that happened was this.

When he looked at me after he received that Rs 100, I was filled with a joy that was totally different. Receiving Rs 100000 at that point would have been nothing compared to giving that Rs 100 note at that time. Yes, we all experience these many times but we soon forget.

My objective of this post is to remind us to be aware of such situations where in GIVING we receive the greatest joy.  Where hormones of oxytocin flow in full measure. 

Therefore never miss an opportunity to give. Be it money, knowledge, an input to someone who wanted that and so on. That will fill you with all the requirements to attract more of such situations. 

A day well worth lived.

Thank you, Nitrogen Man. You infused far more oxygen than nitrogen.


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