How To Become A Life Coach In 8 Steps?



How To Become A Life Coach In 8 Steps?

I’m pretty sure that you’ve already made up your mind to become a life coach and that’s the reason you’re here. However, remember that it’s a responsibility and also not to forget it’s probably one of the most rewarding professions in terms of satisfaction. Apart from that, there are many more reasons to choose the profession but do it only if you’re passionate. If your intent is still intact and you want to pursue your dream then here are the 8 steps.

Understand your responsibility

Before you begin, you need to realize that a person will be putting his/her entire trust in you. It requires a lot of will, compassion, sympathy and a never-give-up attitude to help your client. You not only need to believe that your client will achieve their goal but also believe in yourself that you’ll be for them. If you have that then there’s no stopping you in becoming a great coach.

Choose your niche

Depending on your interest you can either choose to be a weight loss coach, a relationship coach or a career coach. There are many other options to choose from. But how to know which one is the best for you? Just ask yourself and be honest in your reply. One way is to combine your education, experience and passion.

Join a course

Although the coaching industry is self-regulated and one doesn’t need a certification to be a life coach, a certificate will take you a long way. The course will help you with these 11 competencies:

  1. Meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards

  2. Establishing the coaching agreement

  3. Establishing trust and intimacy with the client

  4. Coaching presence

  5. Communicating effectively

  6. Active listening

  7. Powerful questioning

  8. Direct communication

  9. Creating awareness

  10. Designing actions

  11. Planning and goal setting

  12. Managing progress and accountability

University research

Once you know what to study, find out where to study, there are many respectable institutions. Do a thorough research and find which one suits you the best. Preferably choose from the ones that are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Never stop learning

The 11 competencies will take you only so far, study them and master them but don’t stop there. That’s not the end, but just the beginning. Remember, this job works on an emotional level. Your technical expertise means nothing if you cannot connect with your client. Study new techniques, read books and learn how to handle different situations.

Market yourself

Since this profession is not so widely known, you need to spend enough time on marketing yourself. Make yourself known. Use social media, create a website and promote yourself on online platforms and offline. You can go to schools, corporate offices or fitness centres to make contacts.

Create a network

This is one of the ways to market yourself but it’s so important that it needed a separate section. Networking starts from the time you join the course. Make friends with your fellow trainees, seniors and trainers. After your course, make sure you spend enough time with other life coaches. If you have to you can assist somebody too.

Coach and get coached

Practice makes a person perfect. Make sure you continue to hone your skills, improve them. Involve yourself in training as many people as possible, of course with total conviction. More importantly, get yourself enrolled in further coaching and get coached by better life coaches.

The only way to be best at being a life coach is to keep learning and keep working.


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