Is Branding On A New Highway!


Power of Branding

  1. The Name Game

Remember the days when a whole thesis used to be generated in evolving a Brand name? Super extensive consumer research..what it connotes, memorability ease, linkages to functional use and a subvert but intangible psychological connection etc. Are those days beginning to fade?  Especially with brand names in languages unknown, not the best sounding of names by a distance, no connectivity to the product, yet riding high! There are many examples of that as you just step out. What is really happening is that the ‘Disruptive’ Product functionality coupled with the strong word of mouth and complimented by the huge VC dollar noise on the streets of advertising seem to have a new role to play.

Some of the launches that I was fortunate to be involved with such as Audissey for a high end Music Boutique, or Firstouch for a revolution in language based OS for a mobile phone or AFTRON for an Electronics product of a group beginning with AF..all had all the ingredients of functionality emotively weaved intricately with  the Product . and were extremely successful. I feel strongly that one of the effective play forces was  the ‘name’ itself.

So what is evolving now is dimensionally different. Whether it can retain its intrinsic value in the absence of some of the new factors mentioned, only time can tell. Till then ..whether a name like ‘Sparn” means a pair of jeans or a TV is anyone’s guess…

In the next post we’ll explore another detour on this new highway..till then..


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