Just This One Habit Alone Will Catapult Your 2018 To Magical Highs


Power of the Mind

Even if all Resolutions are kept aside but if you follow just this one habit relentlessly every day, your world will transform into something miraculously enviable.

Research has time and again proved that if certain centers in the brain are activated( especially the prefrontal cortex. responsible for emotions) then biological changes are generated which make you manifest what you dream.

And the most powerful act of all os that of being Grateful. If every day, day alter day, you just spend the first 5 minutes as soon as you wake up (almost still in the alpha state of mind) reflecting on 5 great things in your life and ‘feel’ the gratitude, with in days and weeks you will find that you have many more things to be grateful for and the multiplier effect picks up and soon you will not be able to count the things you can be grateful for! Like they say, Nike wasn’t built in a day. It was built everyday.

Good luck and may the New year usher in the brightness of a million stars and suns and make you Sine like never before.

With Gratitude


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