5pm. A siren rang in one of the small factories in the scenic region of Baden, West Germany, the time the factory closed for the weekend. And then this happened...

Each was excited about what they had planned. John (name changed) was one such. He had promised his son the long-awaited drive through the countryside, stopping by wayside cafes, sipping coffee and bonding with the child.

As he stepped out, he suddenly remembered leaving his wallet on the table inside the freezer room. He rushed back to retrieve it and when he entered, he heard a loud noise. He turned to see that the freezer room door had shut behind him. John’s heart sank. He could get locked in as he had not turned off the alarm. As he reached the door and tugged, it would not budge. It had gotten locked. With a sinking feeling, he realised no amount of yanking and pulling at the bulky handle would make any difference. John frantically shouted but everyone had left. His voice barely escaped that enormous door. He was in a state of panic. His thoughts were racing as he pictured himself freezing to death in the -20 degrees of the room. Even in that freezing atmosphere, he was sweating profusely. His heart was pounding as if on a treadmill.

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Over the next 30 minutes, his voice gradually faded to a whisper as hopelessness took over. He started feeling dizzy. A little later, in less than an hour, felt his head spinning. He fainted.

The morning sun rose to welcome the workers to the factory on Monday. One of them opened the freezer room and was shocked to find his colleague in the middle of the floor. He rushed to check his pulse. There was none. John had died.

But here is the astonishing twist to this tale. At 5.05 p.m. that evening, precisely two minutes after John entered the freezer room, the electricity had failed. In effect, there was no power in the freezer room after 5.05 p.m. to make the room any colder.

Ironically, when the door was opened that Monday morning, the temperature in the room was 17 C, way above the -20 C it was supposed to be. John did not die that night due to the cold. Nor hunger or thirst. He died because of something else. He died because he BELIEVED and was convinced he would freeze to death that night. And he brought that to fruition.

Whatever you believe is the only thing you will achieve.
This is the power of the MIND. Hence what we need is most is MIND COACHING to achieve the best in life. Most go through life with self-limiting beliefs. And see average results on the screen of their life. And then blame or feel resigned to their 'fate' or feel they are not 'lucky'.
What if there is a systematic process to create limitless beliefs thereby changing what you see in your life? That makes you UNSTOPPABLE.
This is exactly what I share as a 5 step process to 'Reprogram' your subconscious mind so that you become UNSTOPPABLE. By ascending the GOLDEN LADDER.


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