One Simple But Powerful Technique To Keep You CHARGED And On TOP OF THE WORLD Every Day. Day After Day


Power of the Mind

How many times has it happened that you attended a wow Motivational Seminar and came back super charged only to find yourself back to where you were a week or two later?

How many times has it happened that you learnt a fantastic technique to transform your life only to find a month later you stopped practicing it 27 days ago!!

Nothing wrong. That’s super normal. Because any new input the brain receives has to be emphasised and reiterated multiple times before it starts registering and converting it into a habit. Especially with a zillion Gb data floating around us everyday. We need time and repetition to create that new ‘groove’ in our brains.


So Here’s a Simple, but extremely powerful, technique to overcome that.

Fundamentally you need to be AWARE that you need to be ‘aware’.

So take 1 or 2 or, at most, 3 points that you feel will make a difference to your life, either from seminars, or other learnings etc.

My 3 favorites :
i) I am a calm, cool and confident guy
ii) I am a Super Achiever
iii) I can handle anything that comes my way Today

And Then?

WRITE these one below the other on a Post it Sticker.

Now stick them in those areas which have a very high repeat visibility.

i) Just near the bed:so first thing in the morning and the last thing in the night this will directly reach your subconscious.
ii) Near the entrance door: a reminder as you step out to conquer
iii) In your car: as a constant companion
iv) In your office area: making itwork silently in the background

Some of these you can keep private in case you don’t want anyone to see.


Each time your eye passes any of these, mentally repeat one or all of them at least thrice.

Now practice this for just one week and then one month and you will be amazed at the results.

You will be ready to conduct the next Motivational Seminar!! Believe me.

Happy Conquering!!

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