The New Virat-Anushka Ad. Looks Like The Brands Seem To Have Missed The Plot


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The sign off question when Brands embark on these Ads. Does it make you want to run and buy Manyavar clothing? If it doesnt then the Ad has spent money promoting them and their relationship more than the brand. And if this mood and sentiment could have been created by 2 real life individuals, which is of course 10x difficult, it would have saved 100x money. This would be a great example of an Ad which, I believe, missed the plot. Extremely well created emotive tone. But the Emotion has to be woven and integrated with the Brand, not around the actors, as is this case. Only then the neural grooves get created to generate that trigger to make the brand fly. Or else the Brand spends money promoting the actors and not the other way around, as the case should be. AND IT WOULD ALWAYS BE CALLED AN ANUSHKA-VIRAT AD AND NOT A MANYAVAR AD.


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