The Power Of 21 To Achieve Anything You Want


Power of the Mind

Did you know that when a hen lays an egg, it sits on it and gives warmth continuously with unalloyed faith? And do you know how long is it for? 21days! Yes, 21 days! Not one day less. Not one day more. Egg after egg. Hen after hen. Irrespective of the country or religion. 21. This is the magical number. Research has conclusively proved that whatever one does continuously for 21 days, brings it to fruition. The brain patterns rewire themselves to make it a habit what is done every day for 21 days! So whatever habit you have, however long you have had the habit, if you are sincere to change it, this is it. Just start on the new habit and be at it for 21 days. Very simple. Not complicated. But not easy! But you can do it.


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