The Two Most Powerful Words


Power of the mind

Beware! When you use these 2 words you are unleashing an energy that’s so powerful that it will manifest into reality anything connected with it. A sheer transformational power.

These two words are I and AM. When these are connected and used as ‘I AM’, anything that follows this reaches the subconscious directly and triggers a complex chain of reactions( including physiological and psychological). And this sets into motion people and situations to bring to fruition all that’s said. So NEVER use sentences like ‘I AM UNHEALTHY’ or ‘I AM UNLUCKY’ or I AM UNHAPPY etc because you are triggering a danger zone. Always be aware and say’ I AM HEALTHY’, ‘I AM ABUNDANT’, ‘I AM CONFIDENT’ etc. Interestingly, you don’t have to ‘feel’ that way in the beginning to say it. You will soon start generating the feeling and then Watch the Magic. Just try it.


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