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Today, as the brand touches $100 Billion value, this is its story of how it makes you and me drink sugar and water for 131 years.....of MRI machines..of MIT students...Would that make sense to put 100 MIT students through MRI machines only to understand why Coke is a preferred brand?? But that's what the researchers exactly did. Here is the best business coaching class coming on!
On a hot summer day, 100 students at the Massachusetts Institute, USA.... were given a can of Coke and a can of Pepsi each. And were asked to evaluate the taste.

Important: They were blindfolded. The result was almost identical. 51 or so said Coke tasted better and 49 or so said Pepsi. Now the same 100 students were given another can of Coke and Pepsi each and were again asked to evaluate the taste. This time their eyes were open. Guess what?
Now read on to be blown by hat true BRAND CREATION is!

Close to 70 percent said Coke tasted better and only about 20 per cent said Pepsi tasted better.
The researchers were totally shocked. 


To understand the reason, they put these 100 students through an MRI machine..yes, an MRI machine.. and then through tubes fed them Coke and Pepsi and tried to understand what was happening in their brains. They did a brain mapping study. YES. Brain mapping.
What they found was astonishing.

There is something called the Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex(VPFC) in our brains which is responsible for emotions.  When people were blindfolded, this was activated for both Coke and Pepsi, especially due to the sugar content of the drinks.

But when people SAW Coke and tasted it, something else happened.

There is the DorsoLateral Prefrontal Cortex(DLPFC) that is responsible for higher functions such as memory and associations in the frontal part of our brains. Coke managed to stir this too because of all the consistent emotional associations the brand had done over the 100-odd years!!

Additionally, there is a dopamine( the pleasure chemical) link that connects the front part of the brain to the pleasure centres. And lo and behold! Here's the amazing thing!

When people SAW and tasted Coke, all the associations the brand had created, stirred this dopamine link thereby releasing Dopamine in their brains. Unbelievable. Hormone secretions making someone say Coke tastes better even if there is no logical reason for the response.

This is how 'Brand Creation' is done. Not generating mere temporary sales by putting the brand next to some celebrity and feeling good, never realising you are enhancing the brand value of the celebrity and not yours.

Brand Strategy consulting is biochemistry. Recognising what it is that triggers the special parts of the brain to create a wedge and lodge you there. Forever.
That makes the brand UNSTOPPABLE. This is what a top Business Coach can do for you!


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