Trump: The Power Of A Sign Off Line


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TRUMP: The Power of a Sign Off line

The Power of a Word is known to everyone. The negative word vs the Positive word. The ‘feeling’ it generates and the ability to translate into reality. But cloaking something negative with a positive coat is sheer brilliance. Trump’s sign off line is a masterpiece of this.

Make America Great Again.

This is a hugely positive statement. But in realty what is it saying? Its saying its all bad right now. But is not leaving you with any negative feeling. And somehow heavily energises you.

And the Crucial word is ‘Again’. This means it was Great once…so  keeping the hope alive. And almost telling you that the task of making it ‘Again’ is with you, the Voter. Leaving him/her with a sense of ownership, a pride that he/she does belong to an awesome past. So stirring the nostalgia into an actionable agenda. And beautifully conveys that the current screwed up state is only because of the ‘Establishment’

Brilliant overall.

So much so that people who were not connected to him or supporting him were using lines like ‘Make America Laugh Again’

In contrast..’Stronger Together’ doesn’t mean anything much. Could be used for anything anywhere, not specific to the situation or person or place and very nebulous.

Doesn’t energise you, is not memorable and does not evoke any emotive quality.

Probably for Clinton a line that could have worked better to show that Tomorrow will be even better than Today could have been

‘Towards Tomorrow Together’ showing greater hope, and still encompassing the ‘Togetherness’.

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